Ian Carmichael

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‘Ten years on’ reviewed by UK Folk Music


Review published by UK Folk Music

I’m not normally one who can sit and listen an instrumental CD all the way through because the choice of material often doesn’t vary enough to keep my attention. This is certainly NOT the case with this highly entertaining offering from Ian Carmichael.

From the opening track “Elize’ you begin to think that this CD will reveal itself to be rather imaginative and different enough to change peoples opinion of banjos. With this offering, Ian set out to showcase the musicality of the instrument and steered away from the Bluegrass style or using the instrument as a source of backing.

By the time the fifth track ‘Fiddle Cushion’ strikes up, I was sold on what Ian has come up with. The following track ‘Bothy’, demonstrates a change of style with a gentle melody presented with feeling and understanding of what the tune is about.

The carefully selected tracks demonstrate both the ability of the banjo to take centre stage and handle some great melodies and also launch into full blooded pacey tunes. All made possible by the skilled hands of a talented and dedicated musician with great vision and imagination.

In conclusion, you could have guessed that I am mightily impressed by Ten Years On by Ian Carmichael. I always appreciate it when an artist makes the effort to be original and come up with fresh ideas and a refreshing approach to both an instrument and tunes.

If you are going to buy an instrumental CD this year, this should be high on your list for consideration. The mix of jigs, reels, hornpipes, marches and ballads has been arranged well and will keep you smiling from start to finish.

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